Aquaconseil has a wide range of cutting-edge software at its disposal, including

  • Groundwater flow models, to the groundwater flow is simulated in aquifers, around wells etc.
  • Contaminant transport models, for example, to calculate the transport of pollutants in groundwater, including
  • Chemical equilibrium models, with which hydrochemical equilibria in soil can be determined, important for heat/cold storage, underground deferrization, well clogging
  • GIS-software
  • Models for risk analysis, on the basis of which the risks of contamination for human beings and ecosystem can be quantified
  • Software for designing professional images and editing photos.

Moreover, we possess all kinds of equipment for fieldwork, for among others

  • Execution of environmental reconnaissance boreholes
  • Groundwater sampling – a wide range of hand and mechanical pumps
  • Groundwater level measurements, by hand or continuous (dataloggers)
  • LNAPL measurement
  • Field measurement of water parameters: EC, PH, temp, O 2 , etc.