Since its founding in 2000 Aquaconseil has matured into a professional and strictly independent consultant. Our mission is to give integral advice on our fields. Our professional knowledge and experience, acquired at home and abroad, have made us to a specialist in the field of groundwater, the environment and geothermal energy.

Core elements of our organization are innovation and experience, coupled to a high level of expertise, integrity and quality awareness. We specialize in problems demanding solutions situated outside the existing frameworks. Here, we prove time and again our value for our clients.

In the execution of our projects, we use the most modern means, and we can call on a host of external consultants. Most of our projects are in the Benelux, in addition, we work in various African and Arab countries such as Burkina Faso, Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman and Qatar.

Choosing for Aquaconseil is to choose a dedicated and competent team, always very attentive to your wishes and your specific situation.


The insight that groundwater is an important resource that must be protected and developed with care is increasing. All over the world. Aquaconseil performs quantitative and qualitative groundwater studies from a regional to a local scale, in urban and rural environments. In addition, we advise on the design and implementation of monitoring systems for water quality. Aquaconseil uses state-of-the-art remote sensing techniques (SPOT, Landsat, Google Earth) and geophysics. For modelling studies advanced models are used (analytical and numerical), Verification of modelling results with water balance calculations is standard practice. Aquaconseil advises on the abstraction of groundwater (determination of well sites for drinking water supply, or for industrial and agricultural use), managed aquifer recharge and purification of water.

In addition, we develop well specifications for (very) deep boreholes, we supervise the execution of boreholes, we recommend about well design, and execute and pumping tests to determine the optimal well discharge, as well as the aquifer characteristics.

Concern for the environment has now become commonplace, and there is much more awareness of the importance of the quality of soil and groundwater and of proper waste disposal. Aquaconseil, will, in a sober and effective way, in accordance with the requirements of the authorities map the quality of the soil, and of ground and surface water. Using state-of-the-art computer models, the future evolution of groundwater quality is simulated. Risks are analysed, weighed and compared to each other, before we formulate a sound advice on measures to be taken (soil and groundwater remediation project). In addition, we conduct the environmental supervision over soil and groundwater clean-up projects.

Aquaconseil has extensive experience in the implementation of environmental impact assessments, in particular for the nuclear industry.

It is widely recognized that geothermal energy is an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to heat and cool homes, offices, warehouses, etc. Other advantages are that this type of energy is available everywhere and that very little space is required. In short, the technique uses the fairly constant temperature of the subsurface, which is tapped either by pumping an eco-friendly antifreeze solution through a dense network of underground pipes (closed system) or by pumping and injecting groundwater (open system). Alternatively, air or surface water can be used as a source of heating or cooling.